ClearWater CarWash is a partnership with a shared vision to disrupt the car wash experience. Our focus is convenience: great wash, unmatched shine, quality free vacuums that really suck, and all in less than five minutes no matter how long the line. Our values include being a steward in the community through our team, environmental impact, and giving back.


The secret sauce! We deliver the perfect clean with the latest wash technology, a balanced chemistry of biodegradable wash products, and heated water to produce maximum “sudsy" power. This allows us to use less water and soap while producing a cleaner car. Get a great shine in 5 minutes, no matter how long the line, before taking advantage of our free high-powered central vacuum system.


We Use:

Nanotechnology Soaps

Designed to float the grit off any surface for a gentle and efficient clean.

Soft-Touch Foam

Gently floats across the surface of your vehicle to clean and buff.

Recycled Water

Minimizes our global footprint and protects our local waterways.

Automated Controls

Computer controlled wash equipment for efficient use of water and electricity.

MacNeil Car Wash System

State-of-the-art car wash technology. See the story below!

Proudly Canadian,
Using Canadian Technology

In 1982, Vince and Dan MacNeil founded MACNEIL WASH SYSTEMS Limited. Starting in a small shop, Vince and Dan developed the first MacNeil car wash conveyor track. Initially sold only in Canada, the MacNeil brothers looked to expand into the international market. The conveyor track was a sensation when first shown at a major USA trade show and the technology and reliability of the conveyor were well received by the market.

Encouraged by the success of their initial product, MacNeil brothers decided to build an entire car wash system incorporating the same design principles.

Today, MacNeil Wash Systems are installed all over the world. It is estimated that millions of cars globally are washed every year using the MacNeil car wash system developed in Ontario.

We hope you enjoyed this homegrown story and have a great car wash experience today!

Serving Our Community

ClearWater CarWash offers fundraising opportunities to support our neighbours and friends. If you’re looking for a company to partner with, click the button below and apply to see if we would be a good fit.

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Working at ClearWater CarWash will help you make valuable connections in a growing industry and learn new skills from a great, Canadian-made car wash!


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