Uniquely positioned in Canada as a leader in disruptive car wash technology in shopping centre and mixed-use property.

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Founding Principles:

  • Prime real estate within/near power retail centers
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Environemental best practices
  • Solid financial returns

 Over 80% of all new carwashes being built in United States are Express Exterior, with the rest being self-serve and touchless. The Express Exterior Soft Touch CarWash is the most technologically advanced carwash today. With closed-cell foam brushes, eco-friendly chemicals, energy and water efficient equipment, comprehensive wastewater recycling systems, and advanced retail marketing schemes these innovative carwashes are providing outstanding long-term value to landlords while offering an impeccable service to customers for years to come.

Canadian investors are highly interested in expanding this new carwash business model. It is spreading in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Okotoks, Lethbridge, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area and St. Catherines.

We have built valuable industry partnerships, including an affiliated carwash investor currently operating two Express Exterior Carwashes in Sacramento, California. 

ClearWater Innovations:

  • Attractively modern architectural designs for each location
  • Environmental best practices for water usage, water recycling, power efficiency, eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Technologically advanced system capable of washing 150,000 vehicles per year – approximately 400 a day with peak days over 1,000.
  • Monthly subscription models generate repeat customers
  • Car washes are a commodity and internet proof

Benefits Of Accommodating A Modern CarWash 

To discover the full benefits of starting a ClearWater CarWash

To discover the full benefits of starting a ClearWater CarWash