Uniquely positioned in Canada to provide commercial property developers and landowners with one of the finest and most profitable car wash systems and support services available in the market today. This innovative vehicle detailing operation fits perfectly as an outplacement opportunity for an urban or suburban shopping centre or mixed-use property

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 ClearWater CarWash partners provide compelling competitive advantages:

  • Attractively modern architectural designs for each location
  • Environmental best practices for water usage, water recycling, power efficiency, eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Technologically advanced system capable of washing 150,000 vehicles per year – approximately 400 a day
  • Monthly subscription models generate repeat customers

The compelling development case for
ClearWater CarWash 

Commercial retail real estate properties such a regional and community shopping malls, power centres and big-box stores are driven by local consumer demographics and behaviours. Their right retail mix that maximize consumer traffic is also driven by the synergy created by consumers cross-shopping between retail stores.

Multiple consumers arriving in one vehicle often split up optimize their time on site. That creates the opportunity for idle drivers to conveniently clean their vehicle on site instead of wasting time, especially if the carwash provides compelling value for money.

As with many industries, the carwash business has significantly improved with new technology:

  • They clean better using soft brushes, engineered soaps and computer-controlled equipment.
  • They clean faster – a ClearWater CarWash can handle 100 vehicles per hour, using multiple check-in lanes.
  • The buildings are modern, attractive and efficient.
  • Operations are environmentally friendly.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and enticing subscriptions lead to high repeat business.
  • As a result, carwash revenues in the US have grown an average 4% annually to $24 billion.
  • High quality service and consistent revenues provide the reliability required for long term leases.


The ClearWater CarWash retail model has the potential to increase traffic and sales at retail properties, and to produce a double-digit return on equity to investors, which adds financial security to a long-term lease.

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