Innovative Technology

ClearWater’s advanced technology offers the opportunity to capitalize on a resilient revenue stream with innovation as a cornerstone.

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge
  • Future-Forward Leadership
  • Innovative: Technology, Designs and Marketing Concepts 



Why ClearWater CarWash

In the last few years, progressive landowners and developers have been targeting new “ideal” retail tenants such as LA Fitness, self-storage and carwash facilities. These tenants are internet-proof, value-proposition specialty retailers that effectively complement a shopping centre’s tenant mix attracting high customer traffic volumes.


Ring Road Location

  • 1-1.5 acres (approximately 300ft x 150ft, or 90m x 45m)
  • 20,000+ average two-way daily traffic count
  • Adjacent to primary roadways for easy in-and-out access
  • Close proximity to fast food and big box retailers
  • Adjacent to residential areas

Resilient Retail Model

  • Internet-proof business model that generates revenues long term
  • Commodity product in demand by the majority of consumers
  • Monthly subscription model draws repeat business
  • Complements especially fitness, grocers and home supply retailers

Key Customer Loyalty Drivers

  • Primary demographic — women ages 25-45
  • Primary values delivered to customers: convenience, quality, value for price
  • Legendary customer service that builds brand loyalty


Why ClearWater CarWash

Our team has traveled extensively to research and procure the industry’s most innovative, advanced equipment and concepts for our designs.

  • Process up to 150,000 car washes annually
  • Over 120-foot tunnel design with equal complement of cleaning equipment
  • Environmentally friendly designs
  • 3 automated pay stations with mobile Touch Pay functionality
  • Easy-to-use 12-inch screens display and explain products and services without causing information “overload”
  • 20+ free vacuum stations
  • 12 dryers ensure a dry car during all seasons
  • Guarantee the customer to be in & out in 5 minutes no matter how long the line

Why ClearWater CarWash

Committed to treating our planet’s scarce and valuable resources with the utmost care.

Water Treatment & Recycling System

  • Water and contaminants removed before reaching sewer systems
  • Recycle up to 80% reclaim water
  • Biodegradable cleaning solutions

Efficiency and Green Power

  • Solar panel integration
  • Electric vehicle charging stalls equipped with chargers
  • Modern efficient and quiet equipment to reduce electricity usage and noise pollution
  • Computer-controlled application of water pressure and flow
  • LEED Silver certification

Why ClearWater CarWash

Customer convenience is our value proposition.

  • Wash up to 120 cars per hour or 3,000 cars per week
  • For the 20th customer waiting in the queue will be in and out of the car wash in 10 minutes
  • Faster than the gas station, at home or a self serve
  • Affordable price point: $9 – $20 per wash
  • Exclusive club membership with monthly subscription
  • Free vacuum service with every wash

Why ClearWater CarWash

Modern power centre architectural designs.

  • Clean, bright entertaining tunnel, modernized with neon highlights, special effects and video projections
  • Site lighting, facade and signage calibrated to relax and entertain customers
  • The modern-day carwash experience has scientifically evolved into entertainment and convenience
  • Sites decorated for the retail calendar: Christmas, Halloween, Canada Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.)

    Why ClearWater CarWash

    Success includes working with the surrounding community.

    • All customers are greeted with a smile, genuine eye contact and clear signals to expertly guide each vehicle into the facility
    • Professional friendly presentation, uniformed staff and cleaned daily site

    • Training programs and career advancement available for all staff
    • Multiple initiatives available to support local communities, charities, and schools