Frequently Ask Question

What makes a car wash business a good investment?

Every car wash relies on a simple yet effective premise: vehicle owners will always want convenient, cost-effective ways to clean and maintain their vehicles. With an environmentally-sound model such as the one ClearWater offers, car wash owners can ensure that they are not only running a profitable business, but that they are also doing their part to protect the environment.

How is the design any different than a gas station car wash or self-serve car wash?

Gas stations want a basic wash with no hassle. What we get is long slow lineups, a basic wash in a filthy tunnel. At self-serve washes we want a great wash. What we get is a good wash, wet clothing, takes a long time and uncomfortable especially in the cold of winter.

What is the best location to open a car wash?
The ideal locations should be (150 x 300 feet), have easy access to main arterial roadways, be in proximity to other commercial hubs that include fast-food and big-box retailers, and be adjacent to residential areas – particularly areas with a greater probability of higher traffic volume.
How does ClearWater CarWash bring unique value to landlords?
  • Long-term revenue: Venues can handle 150,000 washes annually.  Customers are guaranteed an “in and out” timeframe of 5 minutes, no matter how long the line-ups.

  • Sustainability: From biodegradable cleaners to water recycling to solar-powered systems, ClearWater ensures a LEED silver certification of every carwash site.


  • Innovative technology: ClearWater Car Wash use the most technologically advanced equipment, and they also utilize a modern mobile payment system, doing away with the coin-operated car washes of the past.
Why should I choose a ClearWater CarWash business?

The team at ClearWater has traveled extensively throughout Canada, United States, and Europe to learn from owners, vendors, and industry leaders about the best business practices in the car wash industry. We’ve compiled this knowledge to create the ultimate car wash model that puts the value for customers and the health of the planet first – which, in turn, has created a profitable internet proof business model.

How much will customers pay for a car wash?

ClearWater has 3 price points for its car washes: Basic, Shine, Protect. These packages range from $9 to $17, and can be purchased as one-off packages, multi passbooks in support of a charity, or as a monthly subscription.